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Shipping & Returns

Lemon Ed!

What is Lemon Ed?

A refreshing, flavoursome and easy drinking, brewed hard lemonade designed to beat the heat of summer!

Try it today.

Adult Signature Requirement

We do not sell alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 21. We request that people under the age of 21 do not register on our site, or give us any information about themselves. Also as all packages are shipped with an 'adult signature requirement', the person signing for the delivery must be at least the age of 21.

We ship only when and where legal. Please be advised that due to our strict policy of not shipping to minors, we reserve the right to refuse orders for any reason without explanation. Thank you for your understanding.


Shipping Charges

$25 Flat Rate Shipments

(Unfortunately due to massive inflation and increases in UPS fees, we can no longer offer flat rate shipment at this time)

Free Shipping Cases

We offer certain case deals with free shipping in our 'Free Shipping Cases' category. These items are restricted to the Lower 48 States (excludes Alaska and Hawaii).

UPS Live Rates

Every state we ship to will have the option of using UPS as the delivery provider. We charge exactly what UPS charges us plus the cost of the box. We do not charge a handling fee.


Extreme Weather

While heat/cold damage is rare, due to extreme weather conditions in many states in differing months, customers must waive options to refund/returns for bottles damaged via extreme weather damage in-transit.  Additionally, we recommend using a faster shipping option during months of extreme heat.



Orders may take up to 3 business days to process and ship out. Please call or email us at the time of your order if you require expedited processing and we will do our best to assist you. 

Currently, we ship to U.S. addresses and as per state and UPS agreements, we only ship to the following states to persons of age at least 21:

Washington DC
New Mexico
Florida (Certain dry counties prohibited)
West Virginia (Certain dry counties prohibited)

We hope one day state regulations will allow us to ship to all 50 states. 
For more information go to: FedEx Wine Pairing Guide


We do not currently ship outside the United States.


Paypal Orders

We no longer accept PayPal as a payment option.


Return policy

Under California law, it is illegal to return wines and other alcohol beverages once sold, except for defective product, which may be returned for credit or replacement within thirty days of purchase. All returned products must be accompanied with a receipt. OLDER WINES: We do our best to ensure proper temperature-controlled storage and provenance. However, we cannot be responsible for wines older than five years from the latest vintage. This is a wine industry standard. HEAT AND ULLAGE: Heat is the worst enemy of wine. Even on mild days the temperature inside an automobile can exceed 90 degrees F, some 35 degrees (or more) hotter than our wine cellar. This wide temperature differential can quickly "push" corks and/or create seepage and messy labels. Moreover, certain "fragile" wines can be completely ruined in a matter of hours by excessive heat. Therefore, out of fairness to our customers, we cannot accept any returns of products showing evidence of weather damage. Regarding the shipment of wine, our shipping department keeps an eye on the weather and if, for example, you select ground shipping to a very hot climate, we will contact you to suggest faster shipping or request that you fill out a waiver assuming liability in the event the wine is damaged. We strive to make sure that you receive your wines in the proper condition.


Refused & Returned Packages

All refused and returned packages are subject to a $10 re-stocking fee. This fee is what UPS charges us to return the package back to us.

All free shipping items that are returned back to us due to missed delivery will be charged 25% of the order subtotal as the outgoing shipping fee.

Additionally, any broken bottles must be returned via our pre-paid label prior to receiving a replacement if/when a replacement is warranted.


Out of Stock Products

Orders for products that are out of stock will be canceled and refunded within 3-5 business days.  While we do check our listings for accuracy, due to the large number of products, there may inadvertent listing errors. We reserve the right to cancel or alter orders due to stock issues. 



Orders are available for cancellation (for a full refund) up until the moment the order is shipped out.  Cancellation is unavailable after the order is shipped out.  Canceling an order after it ships out will be subject to shipping fees and re-stocking fees.

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