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Lemon Ed!

What is Lemon Ed?

A refreshing, flavoursome and easy drinking, brewed hard lemonade designed to beat the heat of summer!

Try it today.

Hey there,

Welcome to MoreWines.com, part of a family owned operation. 

We’ve been in the liquor business for over 30 years, expanding from one store to 11 different main locations in Southern California, and are excited to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for fine wine and spirits with this new online expansion. 

MoreWines.com operates out of our flagship store located in Hemet, CA; we invite you to drop by and visit us in person if you’re in the area

We launched this site to provide a simple, straightforward way to purchase fine wines and spirits online.  You will find that because we are a small family operation, we place a priority on our relationship with the customer.  Our team of shippers handles every order, phone call, and email personally to ensure all your needs are addressed. 

We have learned a lot in our 30 years and are extremely excited to finally bring our business online. 

With the introduction out of the way… enjoy! 

March, 2013
Thanks, MoreWines.com

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